Kim T., Pinnacle Bank

Pinnacle Bank considers ShipThrifty part of their team. After nearly stepping back from their care package program because the process was a nightmare, Kim now experiences the delight and joy that should come with shipping and giving back.

Nancy P., Mission Beach Women's Club

The Mission Beach Women's Club was in its second decade of sending care packages for active-duty females worldwide before discovering ShipThrifty. See why they say it is a win-win for everyone.

ALA Unit 22, Lebanon, New Hampshire

Lois had been using the post office to send military care packages for 15 years until she found Shipthrifty and discovered how much easier it is to ship.

Deb W., National Security Chairman for American Legion Auxiliary Unit 179

The Grandville, Michigan ALA unit said the best part was the label bar codes Shipthrifty produced because the post office could scan them, which made the drop-off less than 5 minutes. The bonus was that the cost of postage was so much less.

American Legion Axillary Unit 150

Waconia American Legion Auxilary was the envy of the post office using Shipthrifty. They saved over $3000.00 and dropped their packages off in minutes.

Karen F., HOI Blue Star Mothers

There is so much value that comes from working with Shipthrifty.  From no manual customs form to simplified drop off. See what the HOI Blue Star Mothers had to say.

MAJ L. Miller, U.S. Army Reserve

Military families appreciate the different ways we help them. MAJ L. Miller and her family have been using Shipthrifty for years because they know when they have a question or need something we are here to help.

34th Combat Aviation Brigade Red Devils, Minnesota National Guard

"Magic of Shipping" feeling. Not only did they fly a flag over the Headquarters of Camp Taji, Iraq for us but the note on the certificate had the kindest words! It is truly our honor to be able to do something to give back to those who serve.

Kristen L., Center Director, USO

The USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey has been working with ShipThrifty for years and has never looked back since.

Rich B., Medica

Rich shared his experience about using Shipthrifty for the first time and why Medica will definitely use Shipthrifty for all future overseas package shipping needs.

Denise J., Supplies for Soldiers Testimonial

Eastman Corporation in Tennessee sends care packages to the troops every holiday using Shipthrifty because we save them so much time and money.

Lonnie K. - Medical Device Company

Lonnie needed flexible shipping tools and some custom development for his operation which Shipthrifty created for no added fees.

Joe D. Testimonial - Facility Management

Joe enjoyed how easy it was to get started with Shipthrifty when their volume increased overnight and enjoys the simplicity of the tools.

Eric K. - Small Business Owner Testimonial

Eric has found Shipthrifty benefits him and his small business by providing user-friendly software to help him save time, money, and hassles when sending his creations to customers. 

Dave S. Testimonial

Dave S. expresses his gratitude for the Shipthrifty software and team and explains how making a switch to Shipthrifty saved his non-profit.

Dianne & Dennis G., Oregon VFW

ShipThrifty helps simplify shipping for humanitarian efforts of the State of Oregon Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Chris O. Small business Owner Testimonial

Chris shares why you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to give Shipthrifty a try.

1LT Johnson Testimonial

1LT Johnson sees how important the customer relationship is to Shipthrifty as a business. Our mission is to do everything in our power to best serve our customers. 

Blue Star Mother's New York Testimonial

Amazing customer service, huge saving, more holiday cheer for this group of Blue Star Mothers in New York.

Jeremiah M. Testimonial - Small Business Owner and Veteran

Jeremiah uses Shipthrifty because it is the easiest, and most user-friendly system he has ever used. 

Kadi and Graci T. Testimonial

Kadi and Graci found that with shipping large numbers of care packages, Shipthrifty was able to make the process much easier for them, so they wanted to share! 

Paula S. Testimonial

Paula S. tells about her experience using Shipthrifty and working with the Shipthrifty team. Learn why she is in love with Shipthrifty!

Margarita S. - Small Business Owner Testimonial

Margarita uses Shipthrifty to help keep shipping for her small business simple, fast, and hassle-free. 

Lindsey R. Testimonial

Lindsey has found that the Shipthrifty tools and tips from the team have not only made her shipping life much easier, but they have also helped her save her valuable time and money. 

Nancy W. Testimonial

Nancy found that Shipthrifty expedited her process, saved her time, and some of the paper clutter that came with methods she has used in the past. 

CB South OEG Student Testimonial

A team of high school students, who are part of a service club, love working with Shipthrifty. They are saving money their process is much easier and more manageable. 

Matt J. Testimonial

Matt recommends Shipthrifty because he had a positive first experience sending packages overseas. When sending his packages, he felt the website was user-friendly, simple, and straightforward. He was able to get the outcome he desired with ease.  

Trudy D. Testimonial

Trudy D. found that Shipthrifty radically changed how she felt about her care package shipping. She also highlights the perks of the tracking feature in the tool. 

Emmy C. Testimonial

Emmy was initially skeptical that by working with Shipthrifty, she could significantly reduce her shipping costs. However, she spoke with Michelle and decided to give Shipthridty a shot. Emmy and her organization slashed their costs by 50%, saved precious time, and were able to skip the lines! 

Robert and Alison B. Testimonial

Robert and Alison used Shipthrifty to send lots of sweet treats to troops serving overseas. They are big advocates of Shipthrifty and share us with other groups.

Vickie D. Testimonial

Vickie sees the passion put into the Shipthrifty tools and the personal touch and care that comes with working with the Shipthrifty team. Not only does the program help her and her organization support the women in our troop's lives, but she sees that to the people behind Shipthrifty, shipping is more than just sending a package. 

Bob S. Testimonial

Bob and his organization have seen many positive results since switching to Shipthrifty. The process they had followed for 11 years before finding Shipthrifty was tedious and more expensive in comparison. With Shipthrifty, they have saved time, money, and hassles. 

Ross V. Testimonial

By using Shipthrifty, Ross and his organization said goodbye to the days of handwriting labels and customs forms. In addition to the cost-saving benefits, Ross enjoyed the "manifest" tool by Shipthrifty that allows a postal worker to scan a single barcode for a large shipment rather than scanning each individual box. 

Jeanne U. Testimonial

Jeanne loved how fast her visit to the post office was! Before Shipthrifty, she and her organization would spend three to four hours there whereas by using the label creation software with built-in customs forms, and the manifest tool by Shipthrifty they were in and out within ten minutes! The organization was also able to cut their costs greatly. 

Teri R. Testimonial

Shipthrifty helped Teri and her organization save over 40 hours of time and nearly $4,000 on their care packaging event. She would recommend Shipthrifty to anyone who wants to save money on shipping! 

Wendy R. Testimonial

Wendy sees how our team and tools are made and modified to fit our customers. She and her organization found the simplicity of our services and the time-saving features put them steps ahead compared to past methods of shipping.

Travis G. and Melissa A. Testimonial

By switching to Shipthirfty, Travis, Melissa, and their organization were able to pack 1,028 care packages in four hours and save $5,000. Their process was streamlined by using Shipthrifty for their event, and they appreciated the benefits that came with making the switch. 

Brian R. Testimonial

Brian was impressed with Shipthrifty as a whole. He highlights the brilliance of the software and the dedication that shines through in the customer service from our team. 

Carol R. Testimonial

Carol and her team were incredibly impressed by the time Rob, Michelle, and Nate put in to help them make their event using Shipthrifty a successful one. She found the speed and the ease of the tools to be very helpful and they turned a sometimes stressful process into an easy, streamlined one. 

Bobbie S. Testimonial

Bobbie uses Shipthrifty to make her care package shipping fast and easy and the tools have helped her revolutionize the way she does her shipping.  Bobbie has now made the switch to Shipthrifty for all of her future shipping. 

Abby L. Testimonial

Abby is a student who ran a care package drive at her school and used Shipthrifty to get the packages overseas. She said she could not have done the event without the help of Shipthrifty.

Chuck H. Testimonial

Chuck and his organization have seen the benefits of the Shipthrifty software and working with the team. He wishes they would have found Shipthrifty sooner because the program simplifies the label creation process, saves them time, takes away complex customs forms, and saves money on postage. 

Trish S. Testimonial

Trish is grateful to the customer service provided by the Shipthrifty team to successfully get her from point A to point B with her shipping while saving her time, money, and hassles. 

Lori R. Testimonial

Lori saw the magic of Shipthrifty after being able to drop her packages off at the post office in 15 minutes compared to 4 hours like the times before she knew about the tools. 

Frank W. Testimonial

Frank switched to Shipthrifty to help the group of students he works with send care packages. He feels Shipthrifty is pivotal in helping groups like his get packages through the post office easily. 

Tina B. Testimonial

Tina and her non-profit are excited to use Shipthrifty to save them time and money. After saving about $600 on their first event with the tools, they know the process will allow them to pack quicker and easier. 

Liza D. Testimonial

Liza recommends Shipthrifty because, with the tools and team, she was able to double the number of packages she sent in comparison to her shipment the previous year. 

Mary B. Testimonial

Mary was initially hesitant to work with Shipthrifty because she had other people who approached her about shipping in the past. After working with the software and our team Mary is glad she made the switch! Shipthrifty has saved Mary $5,000 on her shipping and simplified her process so she recommends Shipthrifty to others. 

Kathy T. Testimonial

Kathy found that by using Shipthrifty to support her organization in rural Ohio, she could simplify her process and reduce the hoops she had to jump through to get the job done. 

Barbara M. Testimonial

Barabara highlights the benefits of using Shipthrifty to cut costs for her nonprofit. She loved the free online tools and customer service. 

Sarah P. Testimonial

Sarah is a military spouse and director of a care package organization. She enjoyed the easy to use tools Shippthrifty created for its customers. She saved over $200 and her label generation process with Shipthrifty took 15 minutes from start to finish compared to a couple of hours. 

Gail G. Testimonial

Gail and her organization loved the ease of Shipthrifty and the Post Office was happy they were using the software. She and her team are believers and will use the tools in the future! 

Craig H. Testimonial

Craig and his group were able to skip writing out multiple labels and customs forms for their packages when they switched to Shipthrifty. By using the combined labels and customs forms, not only did they avoid writing out addresses and details, but it took post office workers mere minutes to scan all of the boxes. 

Berit D. Testimonial

Berit thoroughly enjoyed the service she got from the Shipthrifty team and loved the speedy trip to the post office. 

Kim S. Testimonial

Kim and her group decided to make the switch to Shipthrifty after giving the shipping tools a try! She highlights how easy it was for her to generate labels, and drop her packages off at the post office. She enjoyed the ability to save time and cut her shipping costs with the Shipthrifty software. 

Lanae P. Testimonial

Lanae appreciates Shipthrifty's ability to save her and her organization money on shipping. This leaves more funds to purchase items for care packages. 

Sam H. Testimonial

Sam thinks everyone needs to try Shipthrifty! 

John C. Testimonial

John sees how the support offered by the Shipthirfty team reflects their mission to serve their customers. He enjoyed the way the shipping tools made the hard to understand process of shipping simple and easy to do.

Emily M. Testimonial

Emily uses Shipthriftycom. She stayed connected to her husband who was deployed while saving money and keeping the process simple. To Shipthrifty and our customers, it's more than a package, it's a connection. 

Captain O'Brien Testimonial

Captain O'Brien speaks to the importance of receiving care packages when being away from home as a deployed soldier. Shipthrifty helps keep things easy for people sending boxes to help make this happen. 

Dave R. Testimonial

The Shipthrifty team used their know-how to help Dave switch the kind of box he was using to ship and have helped him save money and expedite his process. He is now a big fan of Shipthrifty!  

Nancy L. Testimonial

Nancy appreciates Shipthrifty's dedication to helping customers like her send their packages for less. 

Alishya Testimonial

Alishya wants to share Shipthrifty with friends, family, and others after the program helped her ship stress-free and reduce the cost. 

William W. Testimonial

William appreciated the service he received working with Shipthrifty. He doesn't ship often, but when he does he will use Shipthrifty. 

Shannon M. Testimonial

Shannon is grateful for the savings she has been able to put back into sending more care packages by using Shipthrifty. 

Diane T. Testimonial

Diane learned about the benefits of using Shipthrifty when she was first introduced to the team for a care package event in December. She enjoyed working with the team and got all of her questions answered. The post office employee was thrilled to see the labels and was curious as to why she hadn't used Shipthrifty earlier! 

Matt T. Testimonial

Matt recommends Shipthrifty because of the professional, helpful team, but also because of Shipthrifty's ability to save customers money and provide a stress-free alternative to shipping.