Our Mission

To empower you, through shipping, to bring excitement, happiness, and joy to your friends, family, customers, and heroes.

About Us

We started Shipthrifty to simplify shipping. To provide convenience, value, and ease for people who aren’t shipping gurus.

One day a friend who was being deployed asked if we could make it easier for his family and the others who were being deployed to ship packages overseas to our military service members. Now we help people, businesses, and care package organizations across the U.S. save money on shipping while making it easier than ever before.

Our Founders

Rob Williamson – Rob’s whole career has been focused on delivering technology solutions to help people. In his early days he orchestrated huge corporate technology solutions for the legal and banking industries that serviced the world's biggest companies from Winston & Strawn to Deloitte. Later in his career he oversaw a technology, automation, and logistics teams for a $2B company and was part of founding a couple other online startup companies to simplify processes for small businesses. He was a key player and second person involved in starting a litigation support sector in his corporate career as well. The team scaled to 378 people who serviced 450 million pages of active legal repository documents accessed by the top law firms in the country. When Rob is not working on Shipthrifty he enjoys organizing the barn and his garage along with playing Minecraft which he claims is actually “thinking time”. He also spends a lot of time with all the females in his life including his wife, Michelle who is also involved with Shipthrifty, their two girls, the dog, and chickens.
Michelle Williamson – Michelle is a strong business advocate and has co-founded web-based software solutions to simplify processes for businesses. Her corporate expertise is in operations, project management, training and development and communications. She also has a background in Human Resources. She leverages her past experiences to build strong relationships with the people who work with Shipthrifty and Ship To Military. She loves being able to make a difference and positive impact for the amazing organizations they feel so privileged to work with and has a true passion for helping. In her corporate days Michelle led operational readiness projects nationally that touched customer service, operations, sales, support, IT, and marketing as well as being the main point of contact for support escalation and service recoveries. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two girls and Rob. She likes shopping, the occasional coffee and chia tea runs, baking with the girls, and working in the yard. She is also the family pet vet.
Nathan Mauer – Nathan knows a lot about shipping because he was a partner in a brick and mortar store and learned first-hand of the struggles with shipping. He is an entrepreneur at heart. While running his own business he secured large corporate contracts with Minnesota companies, universities, and government entities. His out-going personality, ability to talk with people easily, and past experience are perfectly suited for his role in Shipthrifty. He also knows a lot about shipping and isn’t afraid to dig in to help figure out the details when comes to setting up our platforms to simplify shipping. He is also passionate about educating people about cost saving secrets. Nate is one of those people who values his relationships and has a genuine desire to help people. He’s a hockey enthusiast and past minor league player with a love for any sport. Starbuck’s is a daily stop for a foo-foo coffee with skim milk and he enjoys the occasional Coors Light in the evening too. Jen, his wife, is a nurse, so we often hear of the household chores and dad taxi service he provides for his three kids.

We Give Back

We don’t charge monthly service fees to use our services and with JAG approval we donate a portion of our proceeds to help military families. We attend deployment meetings to educate service members and their families about shipping requirements and ways to save money well as volunteer our time at care package events to support the organizations who ship with us and our troops.

Memorable Moments

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