About the ShipThrifty Shipping Platform

What is ShipThrifty?

After witnessing people struggle with shipping packages, filling out confusing forms, paying premium costs, and wasting time waiting in long postal/retail shipping lines; the idea of ShipThrifty was born! ShipThrifty saves you time, money and hassles with our free, on-line shipping platform. Seamlessly, you can enter delivery information for addresses and forms, as ShipThrifty retains information for future shipments. Plus, it saves you time by skipping long lines at retail shipping counters.

Here’s how our free discounted shipping platform works

  • Go to ShipThrifty.com,create a free account and fill in the blanks with your addresses and info
  • Pay (ShipThrifty gets you discounted rates), then Print your label(s) and stick it on your box(es)
  • Lastly, drop off your boxes!

ShipThrifty’s online shipping tools were created in 2017. Before that, an on-line solution for transparent, stress-free, economical shipping, didn’t exist. Today, we fill that gap.

Who are we?

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What we’re all about. ShipThrifty’s co-founders Nathan Mauer and Rob and Michelle Williamson met by accident . This trio also saw this on-line shipping solution as a way to help military friends and families send care packages to individuals deployed. Nathan had many years of entrepreneurial success. Rob, had an impressive technical career in the legal industry and Michelle worked in the corporate financial sector. Together, their skills were the perfect blend to help build ShipThrifty with our skilled developers, and backed by enthusiastic investors. They recognized a better shipping process was needed ranging from non-profits doing large group care package projects to show support to our military, or a parent wanting to send a package to their son or daughter recently deployed to a base. Whether shipping to a friend, family members, military service members at an APO/FPO/DPO address, shipping luggage while traveling, or sending hundreds of care packages with a nonprofit group; stress-free shipping fills a definite need.

Our mission will always include charitable aspects, especially to non-profit organizations that do so much for our communities. We continue to add shipping initiatives by adding elements to the tool based on simplifying military shipping, and work with military care package organizations who send hundreds of packages at a time. This involvement gave us the basis of understanding needed to build the best tool possible for online shipping!

Additionally, we support our Nation’s military personnel by:

- Volunteering at military groups and non-profits packing events (e.g. deployments, etc.)

- Instructing large groups regarding the best ways to ship, (e.g. box selection & packing advice) via in-person or Zoom video calls

- Providing stellar, on-line service assistance, 7-days a week

- Attending conferences, partnering with individuals and groups on how to save time and money by using ShipThrifty, (e.g. Blue Star Mothers of America,, VFW, American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and more.)