1LT Johnson Testimonial

"I want to thank you for your kind actions. You validate everything I believe in as a business owner; that it is all about the people and relationships. I know we are a very small fish and you likely make next to nothing from us… but I still value our partnership and you value all of yours.
You should be proud of how you are modeling citizenship for the next generation. I will reserve my opinions on our current conflicts, but the morale lift for each man that comes from knowing someone at home is thinking of them is huge. My men have reached a point in our deployment, as we have gone through the holiday season and been away from our homes for over 8 months when spirits start to get down and you helped to alleviate that. Your thoughtfulness and generosity make me proud to know you and I hope one day we can meet up and I can buy you a beer (or whatever your vice is)." - 1LT Johnson