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How It Works

  • Pick where are you shipping to
  • Enter your to and from zip code
  • Enter your package details
  • See your options and pay
  • Print your label & drop it off (or have it picked up)!

Common Questions:

  • How much does this cost? Absolutely nothing. We have a partnership with carriers to markup shipping in exchange for helping people ship with them.
  • Can I use my printer? Yes any printer will work.
  • What if I don’t have a scale? You can step on a bathroom scale, then do it again with the box, and subtract the difference.
  • Can I ship anywhere in the world? Unfortunately no, our software is designed for U.S., military bases worldwide, & highly shipped countries.



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Step 3


1. Enter your address and package information

2. Select your best shipping option

3. Pay and print your label on any printer

Every day we help make care package event shipping better with less costs, time, and hassles.

We’re here to help every step of the way!

Step1 Step 2 Step3
  • Create an account
  • Enter addresses:
    • Upload yourself
    • Enter in address book
    • Send us data & we’ll help you
  • Create your shipments
  • Edit & save progress till done
  • Finalize the shipment
  • Pay
  • Download labels & manifest
  • Print labels & manifest
  • Drop off or have Post Office pick up

Thousands of dollars saved on shipping costs...
Here's what a couple happy customers had to say.

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We support those who serve
Learn about military shipping and how we save people money

Where people and businesses save on shipping labels and support military families!


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Here are three reasons why you need to join us to ship thrifty...
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No monthly fee
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Same carriers,
great prices,
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AND… Your shipping helps us give back

We automatically donate a portion of proceeds to help military families in need!

Thousands of dollars saved on shipping costs...
Here's what a couple happy customers had to say.

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Anyone can use Shipthrifty! Shipthrifty helps individuals, nonprofits, and businesses ship better.

Create 1 Or 1000’s Of Shipping Labels With Ease

Our free shipping tools help you ship packages quickly & easily. Create an address book to eliminate typing, enjoy full reporting, live tracking, and more. Your historical data is always available! Businesses can connect with other platforms for free too!

Have More Than 1 Package?

Check out our batch shipping tools where you can copy labels, save orders, edit orders, and even print labels ahead of time all from a single screen.

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How to ship any package anywhere


!- Where is your package going?
Locations Inside The U.S. To An APO/FPO/DPO From An APO/FPO/DPO International
When are you shipping?
Where are you shipping from?
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Where are you shipping to?
<%value%> <%value%> <%value%>
Find w/ Google
Select a package type
<> No states matching "<%searchText%>" were found.
How much does it weigh?
Pounds Ounces
Need add on services?
I want insurance  |  Recipient must sign for it | 
Add an OPTIONAL Return Label (You will be charged for both labels at checkout)

STEP 2- YOUR OPTIONS (Add 3 to 7 days for military shipments (specific situations can add weeks))

Delivery On  <%item.estimated_delivery_date?(item.estimated_delivery_date | date:'MM/dd/yyyy':'UTC'):'NA'%>
Shipthrifty Price

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