There are a couple answers to this question. First, just because you have an account with a carrier doesn’t mean you always get the best prices. Second, using gives you the ability to easily manipulate your shipments (box sizes and weight) so you can get the best value for your shipping needs. Third, we designed our interface to display carrier information, so you can choose the option that best meets your needs based on speed, carrier, cost, etc. Fourth, the simplicity of the site allows you to get your shipment set up in a fraction of the time. If you’d like to talk about your specific needs and why you should consider send us an email at so we can find a time to connect because there are just too many reasons why you should be excited to use

Great question! We created to give businesses and people options and transparency when it comes to shipping. We are a free website with no membership fees or minimum shipping requirements – anyone can use the site. If you choose to create an account, you can store your shipping addresses in the system and get reporting for your shipments. We eliminate the need for multiple logins and give you the ability to create shipments faster and easier than going to the carrier websites, plus you get to see all your shipping options on one screen. You can also extend your cash flow for 30 days when you check out with a credit card.

That’s great that you have a corporate rate. We have worked with thousands of companies that have had a “corporate rate” for shipping too. We’ve learned this rate is often just a small percentage off the retail price of shipping, so carriers can lock your business in and you think you are getting the best rates. You can leverage our rates for all your shipping or when our prices beat your rates. We also offer convenience, value and ease all in one place, at your fingertips, on any device.

Low volume shippers pay the highest prices on shipping. When you use you can leverage our high-volume discounts with an easy to use interface that also saves you time. We welcome your business and know you’ll be happy when you use us. is a free service, with no fees, that adds your bottom line. We’re about helping businesses and people with shipping, not selling. We want to be your shipping ally and give you the most powerful online shipping service right at your fingertips.

We empower you to optimize your shipment(s) based on your needs. Whether that be shipping with our discounted rates, eliminating the need to log into multiple platforms to compare your options, or giving you an easy way to do scenario analysis, just by changing your package details. We help you get the most from your shipping dollars with the least amount of effort. It’s savings you can’t afford to ship without.

Typically, these types of contracts are not binding, and they don’t exclude your from using other services altogether. Double check your contract. Use us as it makes sense for your business. We don’t have any contracts. Convenience, value and ease is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, by simply going to

We have great news for you, you don’t have to! is an awesome way to create your shipping label. You get to use your same carriers. If you’re a business your packages will still get swept and picked up by the same people you’ve come to know personally.

Yes. You can give your sales people access to your account. When you do you will be able to track all shipments and gain clarity when it comes to shipping activity. This also streamlines your package handling and makes the sales job easier for your company representatives.

Package tracking gives you insight into who you’ve shipped to, when it shipped, and when it arrived. Your account dashboard will give you more metrics around your shipping history. Gather details about your shipping volumes (weekly, monthly, annual) as well as your costs, and saving.

Yes. We would need to talk with you about the format you have your data in as well as how many addresses you would like us to import so we can determine the best way to get this moving forward. Send us an email at to let us know you’d like to discuss an address upload and let us know when to reach you for further discussion.

We plan to offer online shopping cart integration. If you are interested in discussing integration needs send an email to to let us know you’d like to discuss integration and let us know when to reach you for further discussion.

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