Sarah P. Testimonial

“As a military wife and director of my organization, a care-package program for military families, I highly recommend giving Shipthrifty a try! They reached out to us when they saw that we ship a lot of care-packages to the deployed troops and showed us step-by-step how their program worked from start to finish. Not only did their process take a lot less time but it saved us in shipping costs too. The shipment that they helped us with was for 33 large APO/FPO flat rate boxes. It took less than 15 minutes from start to finish to create 33 custom forms, pay the shipping and print the labels. Normally 33 packages would have taken me a couple of hours to input through the USPS website. Then they showed me the postage cost differences with using brown boxes instead of the large flat rate APO boxes. The cost difference for 33 packages was over $200 in savings. I wish this program would have been available 10 years ago not only for the organization but for me as a military spouse. The entire premise for my organization was to help military families send care-packages to their deployed loved ones. We heard so many people asking questions about how to send a care-package, how to fill out all the paperwork for the customs forms, and the cost. Shipthrifty makes this process so much easier not only for businesses, organizations but for individuals as well! I highly recommend this program!” - Sarah P.