Ross V. Testimonial

“Shipthrifty has been a god-send to our mission of shipping care packages in support of our troops overseas. To appreciate the size of our operation, last year, we shipped over 4,000 white post office Flat Rate Boxes containing hygiene and snack items to our troops. Prior to using Shipthrifty’s program, we had to print out address labels and customs forms by hand, which was laborious and time-consuming. The Shipthrifty program combined the label and customs form into one label. Using their software inputting the information is quick and easy. Their ability to duplicate a label is indeed a very handy tool that saves time. Additionally, they provide a bar code “Manifest” for all boxes in a shipment. This is extremely useful to the post office personnel in that they only have to scan one barcode for an entire shipment, versus scanning each box individually. Shipthrifty has reduced our shipping cost by nearly 25 percent. I highly recommend you explore the Shipthrifty program for your shipping needs.” - Ross V.