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Skip the Retail Shipping "Experience"

  • Fill in the blanks to easily create prepaid, ship-ready labels.
  • Ship-ready labels reduce drop-offs to a single scan.
  • Automatically save with major carriers.

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Need Military Shipping Labels?

Military nonprofits, families, branches, and corporations have loved our APO/FPO/DPO tools since 2018.

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Here's How It Works

1. Fill in the blanks

Our tools guide you through the steps
to get your label(s) done right.


2. Pay & print your label(s)

4 x6 labels print on any printer;
just tape them on your package.


3. Drop off or set up a pick up

Drop packages off at the carrier location
that matches the label.


Choose the right tool for your task

The single tool allows you to quickly create a single label.


The batch tool makes it easy to create lots of labels.

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Commonly asked questions

If it's free to use then how do you make money?

We have partnerships with the carriers that cover our fees.

Who uses Shipthrifty?

Anyone can use Shipthrifty. Our customers include service members, families, nonprofits, small businesses, college students, and their parents. Large corporations even use us to send care packages to troops serving worldwide.

How do I weigh my package?

Many people will use a postal scale or a bathroom scale to weigh a package. If you’re using a bathroom scale, step on it to get your weight and then step on it with the package. Subtract the two weights and add a couple pounds to be safe.

What's different about using Shipthrifty versus the retail shipping counter?

When you use Shipthrifty you enter your own shipping information instead of waiting in line and having the clerk do it for you. Plus, you have more carrier options, access to discounts, and show up ship-ready to bypass the lines.

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