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  • Pick where are you shipping to
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  • Enter your package details
  • See your options and pay
  • Print your label & drop it off (or have it picked up)!

Common Questions:

  • How much does this cost? Absolutely nothing. We have a partnership with carriers to markup shipping in exchange for helping people ship with them.
  • Can I use my printer? Yes any printer will work.
  • What if I don’t have a scale? You can step on a bathroom scale, then do it again with the box, and subtract the difference.
  • Can I ship anywhere in the world? Unfortunately no, our software is designed for U.S., military bases worldwide, & highly shipped countries.



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Every day we help make care package event shipping better with less costs, time, and hassles.

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  • Create an account
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  • Create your shipments
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  • Download labels & manifest
  • Print labels & manifest
  • Drop off or have Post Office pick up

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Ship Date Business Name First name Last Name Address Address Line 2 Zip City State Country Contact Info Action
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Document Gift Merchandise Returned Goods Sample(s)
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Contains alcohol
Dry ice
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