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It's More than a Package - How to Pack a Care Package

In today’s world, less contact is more. That goes for physical contact, but the same rules don’t have to apply to connection. When you send a package, you are doing more than that. Whether it is across many many miles, or just a few towns away, you are connecting with someone else to bring joy to their day and a smile to their face. It’s more than a package. Simply send joy with Shipthrifty.

Change doesn't always have to be the "bad guy"

Change is arguably one of the most difficult things to cope with and address for many people. The reason is that there are so many other emotions and reactions that come with it. The aversion to change is rarely because of change in itself, but other feelings that surround the idea of change.

The "No-No Items" in Shipping

There are some items you simply can't send in the mail and it can be hard to know what is allowed and what is not. We have pulled information from some of the major carriers to help you keep these restricted items out of your shipments. This will help prevent your package from being returned to you, and extra charges from pilling up.

Sometimes Bigger is Better and Other Times… it’s Just Not

In this post, we will highlight some of the main size and weight restrictions across some of the major carriers. Shipping carriers have specific weight and size restrictions for packages to ensure the safety of their team and your package. We can all agree that sometimes, like in the case of an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie, bigger is best but in other cases, those rules don’t apply. One of those instances is with your shipping.

Our Customers Describe us as Brilliant, Seamless, and Passionate - Can You Say that About Your Shipping?

Shipthrifty is different because, for us, it's about the relationships. We work with our customers to ensure they have what they need to succeed with their shipping. To us, the connection with our customers is critical because we learn how to be better based on their feedback. That is what makes us different, we work with you to do what is best for your shipping. Do you love your shipping and your shipping team?

In Most Cases Air is Free, but not in this One.

We see people "shipping air" a lot. It's a simple, but costly mistake. There are a few easy, quick fixes to keep your money from going to the wind. 

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