In Most Cases Air is Free, but not in this One.

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In Most Cases Air is Free, but not in this One.

Similar to the expectation that at most restaurants water is free you would expect that as a human inhabiting this Earth all the air you would ever consider using is free. I mean c’mon it’s the 21st century! Well… when you end up shipping air it costs you money.

One of the most common mistakes we see when helping people improve their shipping is people “shipping air”. What happens is they select their box and it ends up being the wrong size for what they are packing so there is a lot of open space. When that happens, you’re paying to ship the air! Its a simple problem that can cost a lot, but luckily there are some quick fixes.

– Pick the right box size for what you are shipping. Think about what you need to send and how it compares in size to box options.

– Fill that box up! Whether it is a care package or an order for a customer make sure it’s full to the top.

– Get crafty with your spacing; it’s like real-life Jenga with your items!

– If you have lots of open space with the boxes you use now, try going down a size.

These simple steps can save you money, help prevent more fragile items from breaking, and get the most out of your packing supplies. Remember not to overstuff your box either.

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