Avoid the Return Rush

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Avoid the Return Rush

Run from the Return Rush 

The holidays came and went in a whirlwind. With the holidays comes gift giving and inevitable returns. In a CNBC article, author Lauren Thomas says “Online sales this November and December are forecast to surge 33% year over year to a record $189 billion, according to Adobe Analytics” (Thomas 2020). That is A LOT of online shopping and with the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that shoppers bought more gifts online this year.

With so many gifts purchased online, returns can be a bit more challenging. Khalid Saleh says in an infographic on Invesp “At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned” (Saleh, 2020). He also writes, “Around 49% of retailers offer free return shipping right now” (Saleh, 2020) but that’s less than half!

That means not only do you have to repack your items, find a way to ship them, and wait in long lines at a drop-off site, but you also have to pay to return the item! Most people visit the local post office for such tasks, but what they don’t know is they can create their return label online from the comfort of their home, skip the lines, and save money on their returns. You can’t do that by shipping at the retail counter. 

By using Shipthrifty’s free shipping tools, you can create your label in minutes and simply drop the package at the postal counter to avoid long lines. It’s 10x faster than going to the retail counter, and you can save up to 50%! 

Don’t waste your time in long lines and spend more than you have to on your holiday returns. Ship smarter. 

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