Change doesn’t always have to be the “bad guy”

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Change doesn’t always have to be the “bad guy”

Initially, change may seem fun, or novel even, but then our gears start turning and we begin thinking about all the effects of making a certain change. After that, we unknowingly recognize the enormous amount of uncertainty that accompanies change, and humans as a species do NOT like uncertainty. We don’t like it physically; manifesting into our lives such as an unexpected change in housing, or socially; which is why we try to avoid all conflict in relationships. Humans’ deep-rooted fear of uncertainty harkens back to a simpler time when change and uncertainty either meant you survived to flourish or you died.

Now, today we don’t have to worry about the changes we make typically having such impactful consequences, but considering this ideology, it makes sense why we humans are a little nervous when people start talking about us changing. It’s hard-wired in us, but just like many other instincts we have rooted out, be it by society or other factors, we can learn to press against our fear of change to use it to our advantage. Change, though it can be scary can give way to amazing things in your life.

Learning to accommodate change is a skill, and there will probably always be some level of discomfort, but the same can be said for life. We don’t just stop acknowledging life when we are experiencing an uncomfortable part of it. We adjust accordingly, power through, and more often than not, experience a better season as a result of the discomfort. Change works the same way.

With our customers, one of the main hurdles we run into is apprehension. Many of the people we have worked with, and have now made believers, were apprehensive at first. They questioned if Shipthrifty could really be as good as it sounds; and they speculated if Shipthrifty could be too good to be true. Everything changed after they saw our shipping tools, and connected with our team. They saw how a change of process could save them several hours, the stress of shipping, and in most cases, money too. We have seen time and time again how the instinctual human fear of change and newness has kept people from checking out what we have to offer them and how they can benefit immensely from it. We want to help as many of our customers, and future customers as we can; it’s what we are built for and it is our foundation as a company. Our customers love Shipthrifty after they take the leap. Many lament at the fact they didn’t use us sooner or rave about how much time, money, and frustration they could have saved themselves by switching to our program when they first learned about us.

The good news is, as a species, it looks like we will always be fighting this apprehension to change and uncertainty; at least in the modern-day. We must grapple with it, embrace the discomfort, and decide to follow the change as it leads us to brighter, more beautiful horizons.

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