Our Pallet Program Can Save You Big

Shipping over 125 boxes to a military base? Try our pallet estimating tool because it’s not uncommon for us to save our customers $2 to $4 PER BOX.

We routinely save care package groups $1,000s annually…

How do we do it?

At the same time we support our troops we offer turn-key solutions that require no technical integration. Now shipping overseas or anywhere else is a breeze.

  • We talk through their shipping details
  • We analyze their shipping patterns
  • We recommend different options such as box sizes, service types & even different packing approaches.
  • For large events we leverage our Pallet Program Technology.

Have more than 100 packages to ship?

  • Pickup from your packing location
  • Save $2+ PER BOX
  • Insurance is fully covered

Did you know?

Over 50% of our deployed soldiers never get a care package?

There are 1,000’s of care package groups across the United States working to change this. We donate funds, volunteer at events, and create custom shipping strategies that save them $1,000’s per year so they can ship more!

You can help by shipping with us or donating your time, money, or product. Contact us @ contactus@shipthrifty.com and we’ll connect you with the right resources across the country so we can all do more together!


Here’s how we can all serve those who serve
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STEP 1- Enter location information & package details into the estimating tool to get an estimate

Note- you can always EDIT the details to try different scenarios

Enter your location information

When are you shipping?
Address you’re shipping from?
Address you’re shipping to?

Enter your package details

Select a package type
<%item.name%> No states matching "<%searchText%>" were found.
Weight per box
Pounds Ounces
How many boxes will ship?

STEP 2- Your Cost Estimate

Pallet Size <%item.label%>

Total pallets required without changes <%item.total_number_pallet%>

Price per box if you proceed without changes $<%(item.shipping_amount.amount+item.other_amount.amount+item.insurance_amount.amount+item.confirmation_amount.amount)|number:2%>  

Total cost if you proceed without changes $<%(item.total_pallet_cost)|number:2%>


The Shipthrifty Pallet Program is so easy to do. All you do is put your boxes on pallets & call or email us to set up the pickup time. You will save money, get complete tracking, insurance on all boxes, & simply point the pickup person to your pallet while THEY load them onto the truck for you!

STEP 3- Login

The last thing we ever want is a package returned due to issues. Here are some things you can do to prevent that:
1. Check your addresses-To check them please click above and click on this on the left side of the address. It can’t guarantee the address is correct (that’s classified), but it can reduce issues
2. Reconfirm there’s no restricted items- Different military bases have different restrictions. Click here to check: https://postcalc.usps.com/militaryrestrictions

STEP 5- It’s time to pay for your label(s)

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