Shipthrifty Case Study - Teri R.

This case study is about an organization that supports our troops based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our expertise, knowledge, and tools helped Teri’s organization save 44% on shipping and send 638 packages to our deployed service members; plus, we made it easier for them. Our tools automatically include our base discounts and 99% of the time, our knowledge allows us to save organizations even more as outlined in this case study.

The Challenge: Save Money, Time, and Gain Efficiency

Teri and her chapter engaged Shipthrifty after a conversation because they hoped we could help them. Teri’s group wrote customs forms by hand and processed their shipping labels at the local post office. The entire process was time-consuming and labor-intensive. With our experience working with organizations across the U.S., Teri hoped she could leverage our shipping tools and knowledge to not only save time on her shipping but money as well.

Our Expertise: Finding the Best Solution

Nate learned from Teri that she wanted to send individual boxes. Then he made some comparisons based on information we know about shipping to overseas service members from the East Coast. After looking at the shipping options available to Teri, we learned that a box change would have the most significant impact on her costs. With our advice and the box change, Teri was able to cut her shipping cost by over $6.00 a package. 

The Solution: Using to Create Shipping Labels

Teri anticipated that if she could save this kind of money, she could send more packages to our troops. She created her free account on and ordered the free boxes we recommended from

Added Benefits: By using our turn-key shipping tools, she was able to load addresses, box details, and customs information ahead of time and save it for future editing and processing. She was even able to print labels ahead of time, so sticking them on the packages became part of the packing day, which saved additional time.

Timeline: Teri ordered boxes about three weeks before the event to be sure she had them in time. Then she got her addresses together, so everything was set up and ready to go for the shipping labels.

Impact of Change: Teri’s organization saw an immediate saving on shipping costs.

Our expertise and tools took her shipping costs from almost $12,000.00 to under $8,000.00, with a savings of over $6.00 per box. 

Since the labels and customs forms were done online, her chapter eliminated the handwritten forms. Eliminating this step saved hours of filling out forms.  They also drastically reduced the time spent processing packages with the post office. Before using Shipthrifty, two people would go to the post office, and it would take about 8 hours to get the packages into the postal stream. Shipthrifty, allowed them to bring packages to the post office paid for ahead of time so they could bypass all the data entry. The package turnover was complete in less than 20 minutes and the post office only needed to scan a couple of forms for all the packages to be automatically transferred into the mail stream. They all went out the same day!


Shipthrifty and our expertise accomplished the objectives of saving money and simplifying Teri’s Care Package Event. The savings below are from a single event: 

Cost Savings: $3994.00 - 44%

Time Savings: Over 40 Hours

Teri’s chapter also gained the ability to set everything up ahead of time for the shipping labels reducing stress, added coordination, and pressure on the day of the packing event. The Shipthrifty tools allowed them to copy shipments and customs forms, edit fields on the fly, and even swap out addresses easily, which reduced data entry time. The packages transitioned to the postal stream with a scan and entered the mail stream to transport to the next destination the same day. Future Benefits: Teri and her chapter will continue to see the time and cost savings each time they use The savings allow them to be able to send more packages to our deployed service members, which boosts morale while being able to enjoy the events even more. They also know they have a team that has their back with Shipthrifty and no matter where they are packing we are an email or call away if they need something.

Teri's Words About Working With Us: "I cannot thank Shipthrifty shipping company enough for their assistance in our recent Care Packaging Event. We shipped 638 care packages and saved close to $4,000.00 in shipping costs. Their Owners, Nate, Michelle, and Rob were hands-on throughout learning the new labeling system and flew from Minnesota to Fredericksburg, Virginia, to assist us at the event and show us first-hand the labeling process. They were courteous, available at all times for all our needs, and their commitment to our Military Service Men and Women shows in their professionalism and expertise. I recommend them to anyone who wants to ‘save’ money you would typically pay for postage, allowing you to use your ‘savings’ to send additional care packages to our troops. Thank you, Shipthrifty, Nate, Michelle, and Rob, and I look forward to working with you again soon."

Through our work with organizations across the U.S., we have found ways for everyone to save time and money. We share individualized advice based on your needs and objectives leveraged from our experiences and inside knowledge no matter who you ship to.


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