Care Packages Bring Joy

We love helping great people do great things for others.

One of our favorite things is getting involved with the people we support with our technology. We understand the ins-and-outs of sending care packages because we volunteer at packing events. We are part of the process and our tools were designed in collaboration with the Minnesota Military Family Assistance Center, USPS, and the non-profit organizations using them.

We continue to enhance and add features to simplify care package shipping for the people and organizations who bring excitement, joy and happiness to friends, family and heroes through shipping.

Your organization makes a huge impact for people. We’d love to help you do what you do and when you ship with Shipthrify you help us give back too. We automatically donate a portion of the proceeds from every shipping label to help military families in need!

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"Your organization does some amazing work and we’d like to give you an easier way to send your care packages. ”

  • Free to Non-Profits
  • Pay as you go
  • Upload and Store up to 5000 addresses
  • Automatically Generated US Customs Forms
  • Duplicate Shipments and Customs Forms
  • Bulk Label Printing
  • Schedule a USPS pickup
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