Care Packages Bring Joy

We are passionate about supporting our troops and those who support them. Our military care package tools are designed by care package senders for care package senders!

Create an account for free access to the Military Bulk Shipping Tools. We don’t charge a fee to use the service and we donate a portion of our proceeds to help military families in need. Our ways to give back…

Sending multiple care packages is easy.

Once you create and confirm your account you’ll have access to the bulk care package shipping modules. Choose the tool that works best for you whether you send 100 or less packages or more; you can even do a spreadsheet upload with the 100 or more tool. Copy multiple shipments and customs forms for less data entry with the ability to edit any field on the fly. Flexible for any care package event and turnkey for those looking to create their own packing event.

Thousands of dollars and hours saved on care package shipping.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say.





"Your organization does some amazing work and we’d like to give you an easier way to send your care packages. ”

  • Free to Non-Profits
  • Pay as you go
  • Upload and Store up to 5000 addresses
  • Automatically Generated US Customs Forms
  • Duplicate Shipments and Customs Forms
  • Bulk Label Printing
  • Schedule a USPS pickup
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