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Choose the tools that work best for you based on the number of packages you’re sending, where they are going, and whether you want a manifest/scan form. Copy multiple shipments, edit fields on the fly, or upload your data. Enjoy the flexibility you need with our easy to use, turnkey solutions.

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Military Care Package Shipping

Finally tools designed specifically for shipping multiple military care packages overseas!

We personally attended events and gotten feedback from those that send care packages to design the best tools for military shipping. Enjoy less data entry with the ability to copy packages and customs forms. Track your packages, batch print labels, filter and export reports, and more.

We are passionate about helping those who support our troops and committed to making a difference for those who serve an those who support them.

  • There are no monthly fees to use our tools.
  • We educate people how to ship overseas and way to save.
  • We donate a portion of our proceeds to help military families in need with JAG approval.

Rave Reviews From Care Package Shippers

"What you all are doing is amazing and exactly what we need.  It is so hard getting these boxes through the post office and you are basically filling that gap.  You are a Godsend. The kids at my school are amazing and they are very passionate about supporting our troops.  We are all looking forward to working with you and form a lasting bond that will take us well into the future." Frank W - Operation Eternal Gratitude, Central Bucks High School

"I 100% recommend using Shipthrifty for your shipping needs.  I was blessed to have them reach out to me during a care package drive that I did recently to send care packages to deployed service men and women overseas.  Because of their pricing and their helpfulness I was able to double the amount of packages that I had previously sent the year before.  They helped me learn to use their website over a conference call and were very quick to answer any questions I had via email.  I appreciate their support of the military and you cannot go wrong using their services.”   Liza D. - Real Estate Agent, Kentucky

“Shipping is a BIG deal when you are shipping more than 100 care packages at a time. We use Shipthrifty.com to mail all our packages because they specialize in shipping military care packages. Their customer service is awesome, and their tools are very easy to use! When you ship thousands of care packages a year and find a great company, you want to let others know about them. They do regular shipping too, so be sure to check them out on their website www.shipthrifty.com" Kadi and Graci T. - Operation Military Matters

Reduce data entry, copy shipments and customs forms, use for package management and more

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Business Bulk Shipping

Send multiple packages with ease for your business.

Add individual entries or import your client list to print label on demand. Use the copy functionality to reduce data entry and even save shipments to ship when you are ready. Automatically store your shipping history, access built in reports to track your shipping spends, and export them when you need to.

Your shipping will help military families in need since we’ve been approved by JAG to donate a portion of our proceeds to family plans. We also don’t charge service fees to use our shipping tools. A win-win for everyone.

What Our Business Shippers Are Saying:

"This service is perfect for both a small home-based business like mine and a larger business. Not only is the service excellent, I also save money which means I make more money. Highly recommended for anyone that ships packages domestically or internationally. Can’t say enough good things! You would be doing yourself a disservice not to give Shipthrifty a try!!" Chris O. – Small Business Owner

"I own a small wood working business and ship my art pieces all over the country. The extra cost of shipping can mean the difference between getting and not getting a client. I have been using Shipthrifty now for about 6 months to compare, ship and track my packages. I save money on each and every shipment. The website is easy and user friendly. It has saved me much needed time as it compares the leading shipping companies all in one place. I am extremely happy to be saving money with Shipthrifty." Eric K. – Signed In Wood

"I want to thank you for your kind actions. You validate everything I believe in as a business owner; that it is all about the people and relationships. I know we are a very small fish and you likely make next to nothing from us… but I still value our partnership and you value all of yours." 1LT Johnson, Veteran Business Owner Who Uses Shipthrifty

Turnkey business shipping, no downloads or special tools needed

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