How to add addresses to your ShipThrifty address book

The video above shows you how to use the Shipthrifty address book feature. The feature is simple and makes the shipping process much quicker.

First, Login to Your Account. In the upper right, you'll see your name. Click on your name to access the menu.

Click on the "Address Book" link. Once you open your address book, you can choose to Add an Address for "Locations Inside the U.S." for an "APO/FPO/DPO, or search addresses.

Click the button for the title for the type of address you want to add, then click the "Add Address" button.

Enter the information or use the find with Google feature. Be sure to include a phone number (a requirement for online tools). If you do not know your recipient's number, you can use yours. Be sure to leave dashes out of the number.

Once all of the areas have been filled out, click the "Validate Address" button. Address fields are checked against USPS, Google, an independent source, and our platform. Once that address has been validated, you can save it to your address book for future use by clicking the "Save Address" button.

- Note: Not all addresses validate, and it is okay to add an address to the address book you are sure is correct. The carriers do not refund package costs, so we cannot either if your package is returned.

Helpful tip - You can set a default for your addresses to eliminate extra typing! When you're in the address book, go to the address you want to set the default for; on the right-hand side, you will see an area to "Set Default." Then, click the small arrow next to the dropdown to choose if you want the address to be the default "To:" or "From:" location. That is all you need to know about the address book to get started.

You can always download the "Address Template" to your device if you have multiple addresses. The download for that is underneath the "Add Address" button. Then, once you fill in the information in the template, you can upload that information back into the tool.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask us by calling our phone number: 800-544-4992 or emailing us at