We know that in a military household, everyone serves.

In 2017, when we learned how stressful military shipping can be. We set out to make it better for service members and the people in their lives.

We made military shipping stress-free for service members, their spouses, families, friends, and supporters so they can stay connected while serving. Wherever they are, they can save their time, money, and hassles. No more standing in line or waiting for others, just the freedom to create your shipping labels online, from anywhere, anytime, with ease.

It's all about better shipping for YOU


Skip the lines and ship from anywhere.
Drop packages off at carrier
locations or schedule a pickup.


Signup for a free account and save with
major carriers. Pick the options that are
best for you with no hidden fees.


Web-based and works with any printer.
Built-in features guide you through the
steps to do it right.

And having everything you need, all in one place.

  • Free tools with no monthly fees
  • Automatic savings with major carriers
  • No manual customs forms
  • Military address validation
  • Access to military shipping experts
  • Official USPS partner

Spectacular shipping for all your needs.

Military shipping is where our heart is, but we're about helping everyone stay connected.

Military Connected


Family & Friends


Businesses & Nonprofits


College Connected


We're about so much more than labels...

We support those who serve and those who support them. From friends and families to nonprofits and corporations, we do it all to make sure you get the support you deserve.

  • Amazing team - Our experts have your back and are here to help.
  • We're trusted - We're a USPS partner, on Military OneSource, work with service branches, and teach at pre-deployments.
  • Support service members & families - We provide webinars, resources, education, and tips.
  • We Volunteer - We teach and attend pre-deployments and work with organizations around the U.S. from nonprofits to corporations that send care packages to deployed service members.

Earn revenue by helping others just like you.

99.9% of our future customers still don't know we exist! Help us spread the word and earn 2% of
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Get Better Shipping in 3 Simple Steps!

And if you find yourself needing help...
you can contact one of our shipping experts.