Saving on APO, FPO, and DPO shipping is easy with Shipthrifty

Creating your labels online with Shipthrifty automatically saves you money, but there are often additional savings opportunities too.

How we find savings opportunities

All these factors play a role in the cost of shipping a box.


Anyone can use our shipping tools to create labels like they book travel.

Our team helps groups get a better plan that typically saves them 40% or more!

We Work With Groups Across the Nation


“We sent out 250 care packages to our overseas heroes and I am in love with Shipthrifty. I used to spend hours on the USPS site but not anymore using Shipthrifty! Doing labels is no longer a chore but a dream." - Paula S.


“I cannot thank Shipthrifty shipping company enough for their assistance in our recent care packaging event. We shipped 638 care packages and saved close to $4,000.00 in shipping costs. ” - Teri R.


”We are so grateful for Shipthrifty they have literally saved our nonprofit. Their easy-to-use front-end interface coupled with their wonderful customer service is truly a blessing to our non-profit. They save us thousands of dollars each month which means we can send more care packages to boost more morale of our brave US Service Members.” - Dave S.


”This past week we used to mail all our packages. They specialize in shipping military care packages. Their customer service is awesome, and their process was very easy to use! When you ship thousands of care packages a year and find a great company, you want to let others know about them. ”

Talk with us.

We come from huge corporate IT backgrounds in banking and legal.

We knew nothing about military shipping until 2018, when a deploying friend asked us to help make military shipping better.

Since then, we've shipped over 700 tons of care packages with 99.9% success, but we haven't forgotten how hard the process used to be before we made it 100x better.