Shipthrifty is shipping military care packages around the globe…

Shipthrifty specializes in shipping parcels and packages to the U.S. Military. Whether you are shipping a single care package or 1,000’s we have the expertise you need to get your care package to your son, daughter, fiance, grandchild, or special someone serving overseas, or just down the road in the United States.


A single package to a soldier or someone else…

From printing out customs forms for military parcels and care packages to knowing the difference between an APO and FPO address, Shipthrifty is there to help you ship your care package.

Our proven and tested interface allows you to quickly create labels, print forms, and ship to your loved one in Afghanistan , Iraq or anywhere else our military service members fight for our freedom.


Frequently Asked
Military Base Shipping Questions

A package from home is an amazing thing for our service members defending the liberties of the oppressed all over the world. Delivery time generally ranges from a week to 45 days depending on where your loved one is and what they are doing while on duty, but unfortunately, we can make no guarantees.

APO stands for Army Post Office and is associated with Army or Air Force installations.

FPO stands for Fleet Post Office and is associated with Navy installations and ships.

DPO stands for Diplomatic Post Office and is associated with U.S. Diplomatic locations.

  • The name of the recipient. The rank/grade/rating is not required.
  • The type of address where the mail is going. This could include: PSC (Postal Service Center) CMR (Community Mail Room) UMR (Unit Mail Room) or just Unit RPO (Regional Post Office) APO (Army Post Office) OMDC (Official Mail Distribution Center) For Navy or Coast Guard vessels, the ship’s name and hull number.
  • The number of that address. For example: PSC 1234 Unit 7400 USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
  • The recipient’s Military PO box number (if they have one).
  • The post office type (APO, FPO or DPO)
  • The “state” designator (either AA, AP or AE). These “states” representthe USPS mail processing facilities that handle the mail traffic to and from each military location.
  • The zip code, preferably ZIP + 4 (although not required)

That’s it! Here are some sample addresses that are formatted correctly for each post office type:

Here is a sample APO Address:
PFC John Smith
PSC 1234, Box 12345
APO AE 09204-1234

Here is a sample FPO Address:
John Smith
USS Cochrane (DDG-21)
FPO AP 96543-1234

Here is a sample DPO Address:
John Smith
Unit 8400, Box 0000
DPO, AE, 09498-0048

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