Connecting over 65,000 soldiers with care packages, Shipthrifty knows a thing or two about bulk shipping to them or anyone else on a military base or not.

We partner with Care Package Organizations on software needs, volunteer at their events, and hold our own care package events to raise awareness and support our troops. We are also JAG approved to support Family Plans and even launched a nonprofit to raise postage funds for other Nonprofit Care Package Organizations.

At the same time we support our troops we offer turn-key solutions that require no technical integration. Now shipping overseas or anywhere else is a breeze.


Serving those who Serve…


Our bulk care package shipping software allows you to easily send care packages to our troops over seas.

  • No monthly service fee
  • Automatic savings up to 40%
  • Pay as you go or prepay options
  • Upload and store all addresses
  • Ability to upload spreadsheet & print labels
  • Automatically generated US Customs Forms
  • Duplicate shipments and customs Forms
  • Bulk Label Printing
  • Schedule a USPS pickup or drop off for scan

Shipthrifty is not only about helping you ship; it is about helping you do for more for our heroes…

We partner with our customers to find them unique ways to save on there bulk care package Shipping and parcel needs…

If your box is under 20 pounds you can save extra money on your military care package shipping; by changing up your box.

Priority Mail APO /FPO Flat rate 12x12x5 1/2 USPS Post Office & Online
Brown Box -Uline 12x12x6 Uline Model #5-4122
Minnesota Kansas Arkansas Nebraska Georgia $16.10 $11.86
Indiana, Illinois $16.10 $9.79
Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky $16.10 $10.93
Vermont, Texas, NewHampshire, Oklahoma, Florida Want to Save on these Locations ?
Give Us 5 mins we will Tell you how. Contact Us
Utah, Montana
California San Francisco LA San Mateo

Prices are estimates and fluctuate by zip code. Enter your zip code to confirm rates your rates.

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